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Selenomethionin 5000ppm; 25g

Selenomethionin 5000ppm; 25g
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Product no.: 371.0025
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Products description

Art.-No.: 371/ Selenomethionin 5000ppm, 25g
Characteristics: preparation containing organic Selenium
Relevant identified uses of the substance: laboratories, food industry, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine
Category: Chemical substances, free/ without restriction
Source for: Selenium for 454 days.
SU medicine bottle, AluPE bag

Chemical composition: CH3-Se-CH2-CH2-CH(NH2)-CO2H, C5H11NO2Se, set on Selenium (Se) 5000ppm
Other parameters
GMO free, prodused in accordans with GMP
The produkt Seleno L-Methioni contains trituration of elenomethionine (1.25% with Di-Calcium phosphate (98.75%) to give a concentration of 12500ppm L-Selenomethionine (equivalent to 5000ppm Selenium) in the final bleded product.
This preparation is a pure substance without further additives such as preservatives, anti-caking agent, flavours, colorants, flavour enhancers and the like. The composition of the substance is at 100%?


white substance without odour.

Usage for food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
Laboratory: reagent ACS

CAS 1464-42-2 (Racemat); 3211-76-5 (L-Selenomethionin); 13091-98-0 (D-Selenomethionin)
EU ?
E - not in the directory
Ph Eur.
Batch No.
UN, ARD - is not subject to traffic regulations
LQ - not specified
MW 196.106

Safety information GHS/ Hazard identification: applies to pure substance
Pictograms: GHS07,GHS08, GHS09GHS06 GHS08 GHS09 Signal word: Danger and Warning.

H- and P-Sentence acc CPL, VO (EU) 918/2016
H301Toxic if swallowed
H331Toxic if inhaled
H373May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure
H410Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
P301+310 .

Storage condition
in closed container by T <25°C.

more Information, Literature
CoA und/oder MSDS gem. VO(EG) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH) - please request
Food low acc. VO(EU) Nr. 231/2012 -
Health related information acc. regulation of (EU) No. 432/201 - Selenium

Selenium contributes to
-normal spermatogenesis
- Maintaining normal hair condition
- Normal condition of nails
- normal function of the immune system
- normal thyroid function
-protecting cells from oxidative stress

The recommended daily dose of selenium in the diet ranges according to literature between 55 and 200 µg!
RDA/ ETD = ADI Acceptable Daily Intake in mg/ kg acc. to the directive 90/496/EWG = 55ug
European Pharmacopoeia
Article about the application / quotes:
Allied company: ZVC Dr. Hoffmann,

Note: 25g of the preparation equals 25mg of pure selenium. That this amount is sufficient for 454 days.
25g of "Selenomethionine 5000ppm" corresponds to 25mg of pure selenium. This means that 25g of the preparation is sufficient for:
-455 days with daily use corresponding to the amount of 55ug Se according to the decree, which is 55mg of the preparation
-365 days = one year with daily use corresponding to 70µg Se, which is 70mg of the product.

The end user decides on the use of the substance / preparation and assumes full responsibility for it.
Despite careful content control, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The content of the linked pages are the sole responsibility of their operators.

Alternative medicin: no evidence
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Update: 09.10.2019